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From time to time other people mention us in the news or in the blogosphere (did we mention we really like it when this happens?). Please click on the links below to read articles about or mentioning To Hell with Publishing:

Farm Lane Books, 14/10/10: This books was gripping and thought provoking […] a perfect book club choice. Highly reccommended.

The Irish Examiner, 18/9/10: […] Gillespie’s superb debut avers that such isolation is possible within our own societies and that the consequences can be tragic. In this case, the mob rules.

Booktrust, 15/06/10: It’s a strange and interesting parable, bubbling away, and as the first novel to be published on the To Hell with Publishing imprint, signals a promising direction for independent publishers. Book Review: The Cuckoo Boy by Grant Gillespie

Siobhan Murphy, Metro, 3/06/10: The Cuckoo Boy is chillingly effective. […] an interesting first attempt. Book review: The Cuckoo Boy by Grant Gillespie

Louise Laurie, The Bookbag, 1/06/10: It is a fine piece of writing. Who is right? Who is wrong? A deeply thought-provoking book. Recommended. The Cuckoo Boy by Grant Gillespie

Catherine Taylor, The Guardian, 29/05/10: Enterprising new publisher To Hell With states its intent with Gillespie’s emotionally visceral debut.[…] The spectre of Lionel Shriver’s Kevin is omnipresent, particularly in the black comedy and ambiguous aspects of the tale. Yet this is a confident, impressive work in its own right. First Novels

Simon Quicke, Inside Books, 29/05/10: […] this book is both relevant and provocative. It might not be comfortable reading but as a way of taking a reader on a journey, which good books should do, into the mind of a unloved and desperate child it delivers.  Thoughts at the halfway point of The Cuckoo Boy Author interview – Grant Gillespie author of The Cuckoo Boy Book Review – The Cuckoo Boy – Grant Gillespie

Mary Fitzgerald, The Observer, 16/05/10: Through James and David, Gillespie explores the chasm between how children and adults perceive the world, and the devastating consequences of falling through this gap. […] The Cuckoo Boy is a savage indictment of hypocrisy and forced social convention.  Debut Fiction

Kerry Ryan, For Book’s Sake, 14/05/10: [As] Andrew O’Hagan, said himself, it ‘totally rocked.’ In actual fact Andrew was congratulating Cathi Unsworth on her shit-hot reading of new noir novel Bad Penny Blues but everyone who spent the night sipping whisky sours and listening to three-time novelist, Helen Oyeyemi, followed by tres chic Ms. Unsworth and debonair Mr. O’Hagan, would agree that he could well have been describing the whole To Hell with the Lighthouse experience. Event Review: To Hell with the Lighthouse

William Rycroft,, 12/05/10: It would be easy to expect an actor to be good at writing dialogue or creating a narrative voice (in fact most actors are terrible at improvising dialogue that sounds real – never underestimate the skills of the playwright!) but Gillespie deserves genuine credit for what he achieves with all his cast and particularly with James and David. ‘the invisible enemy’

The Sleep Club (guest post), 11/05/10: My personal fix, my crutch, my panacea – is sleep.  Where some people are heavy drinkers, I’m a heavy sleeper.  And I love it.  If narcolepsy were contagious I’d dry hump a dyssomniac. Confessions of a Sleep Addict by Grant Gillespie (interview), 10/05/10: The whole thing is about mismatches and misunderstandings, and it filled me simultaneously with laughter and a deep knot of dread all the way through. Now over to Grant, on Ayn Rand, thinking like a child, and trying not to be too clever (it’s tough). Writer’s Questions – Grant Gillespie

Lynne Hatwell,, 6/05/10: Grant Gillespie is a wizard, an absolute natural at dialogue and inner voice with an omniscient narrator who sifts out all those perceptive angles. The Cuckoo Boy ~ Grant Gillespie

Booktrust (guest post), 5/05/10: Grant Gillespie, debut author of To Hell with Publishing’s first book The Cuckoo Boy, writes beautifully about imagined dreamscapes and viewing the adult world with a child’s eyes. We asked him to guest-blog about his favourite author… Lewis Carroll. Authors we love … by Grant Gillespie

William Rycroft,, 4/05/10: Therefore next week I’ll be letting you know my thoughts on the first release on their To Hell With First Novels list: The Cuckoo Boy by Grant Gillespie. (to hell with waiting that long to find out whether it’s any good or not though – it’s really good) To Hell with…Blogging

Lynne Hatwell,, 3/05/10: A fabulous concoction of emotions and observations, lots of nature versus nurture ponderings and a razor-sharp narrative voice to die for, which all adds up to my first truly un-put-downable new novel of the year to date. Stop all the reading clocks… The Cuckoo Boy is here

Nina Caplan, The Telegraph, 20/04/10: There are even brave new ventures, such as the kiosk-sized Herne Hill Books and To Hell With Publishing’s boutique near King’s Cross. Britain’s best independent bookshops

Katie Allen, The Bookseller, 19/04/10: Summerhayes’ author wins To Hell with prize

Katie Allen, The Bookseller, 25/01/10: To Hell with Publishing reveals judges for literary award

Dan Holloway, Agnieszkasshoes, 09/12/09: They love journals, chapbooks, novellas, and limited editions. Which are all reasons why I love them. To Hell with Boring: London’s most exciting bookstore

Boyd Tonkin, The Independent, 27/11/09: This week, too, comes news of a fearlessly bolshie new opening in Bloomsbury: a shop in Woburn Walk (much favoured by location scouts for BBC costume drama) to be called To Hell With Books. Books on the borders of a retail breakdown

Graeme Neill, The Bookseller, 25/11/09: To Hell with Publishing launches bookshop, 14/08/09: Now this is a series of web projects I can get behind. To Hell With…